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Customer Information

Sell a painting

I would like to sell a painting


We regret that we are unable to purchase artworks from the general public.


If you have a painting you would like to sell, we recommend you contact a reputable art auction house who should be able to provide you with an obligation-free estimate for sale at auction. Make sure you enquire as to all fees and commissions payable to the auction house should you decide to proceed. Please keep in mind that listing a painting at auction does not guarantee a sale, nor is it guaranteed that the estimate will be achieved.

Value a painting

I would like to value a painting

A number of factors determine the value of a painting. The medium used, the size of the work, the quality of the piece, its condition and overall demand for the artist’s work, all have a bearing on its value.


If you’d like an appraisal for insurance purposes, your best bet would be to contact a registered art valuer and they should be able to assist with a written valuation. Some reputable art auction houses may also offer a formal valuation service.

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